This is my word for 2017.

We have slow food, slow fashion why note a slow year.

This doesn’t mean I am going to start moving in a sloth like pace.

Rather I want to take a step back from rushing to get things done

and actually enjoy doing them.

Appreciate the simple pleasure of making a cup of tea.

Take time to read a book.

Just sit and eat freshly picked raspberries.

Slow leads me to this.

A way of keeping in touch.

An email would work just fine but….

I wanted to have accountability for what I do.

My list of things I want to learn is long.

I have plans of gardening, knitting, sewing, weaving and so on.

I wanted to record and share what I do.

This is a slow way of doing that.

A photo taken which is planned and created.

A considered word written.

Most of my friends and family live some distance away from me, so when

the last lovely lass left to follow her husband with the wandering feet

I promised to keep in touch.

To ensure we didn’t loose touch I promise to write

every time I finished knitting something.

This is the promise.

Keeping in touch a funny format.

I hope you don’t mind



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