Bedford Jumper


I have decided reading a knitting pattern is like making a new friend.  Sometimes the conversation flows easily from the start and you both understand each other well.  Other times it is more ‘oh that was what you mean’.  With the Bedford Jumper  (in Long John wool  –  what a cool name for a wool) I did find it hard going understanding the pattern, perhaps cause it was a step up from what I have knitted in the past and perhaps because I am a bit rusty.  Previous knits had been from one company so you knew what they were talking about.  I was super stoked that the stitch pattern turned out like it did in the picture (I also discovered the down side of working a pattern from a PDF that had been doodled on and folded a million times it gets hard to see the pictures correctly) but given that my sleeves are super long suggests something went wrong.

I do have a problem if I don’t understand what a pattern means when I knit that I start making things up which I kind did towards the end of knit when the instructions where do this and while doing this do that as well.  Sorry I have fully embraced the I can do one thing at a time kinda girl so I suspect ignoring part of the instructions might have been part of the problem.  I should also fully admit that perhaps the pattern thought I knew more than I did and perhaps that the old saying a girl can do anything should only apply to some knitting patterns when you have a few more jumpers under your belt.  After all it is my second jersey I have knitted in a while so perhaps my expectations where a bit high.

So as I write we have had there days of rain and somehow this jersey seems perfect for the weather.  Colourful (girl loves her red), comfy, warm and perfect for snuggling in while it pours outside.  It’s oversizeness is the perfect kind of big and comfy and I have found it is the perfect jumper for walking the dog.  It’s big enough to throw on over a sweatshirt if one is feeling lazy and just wants to be warm.  So while I struggled with the pattern the over all end product is awesome.  So for all it’s wonkiness in a weird way it is perfect.


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