Veggie Garden


Here I am on a cold winter’s buying seedlings for a spring that it is months away.  As the weather has cooled my time in the garden draws to a close as it becomes dormant for the winter.  My creative focuses will move indoors until the days warm up.

I am ashamed to post a photo of the veggie patch.  There are signs of growth but they are minimal.  The magical combo of slugs and a stomping Airedale has meant more damage has occurred than growth.  I have found it dishearting at times and I know this it is part of gardening.  I am learning to be a slower more careful gardener and not just expect things to grow because you have put them in the ground.  Plants need attention, focus and care.  I know that overcoming my frustrations are what makes it satisfying when you can harvest food despite obstacles.  As the saying goes lessons are repeated until learnt.  I do admit some days I don’t want to learn but I know if I learn something I am better person and gardener for it.  I have been igorning the slugs and the dog and then I get upset when things don’t go as planned.  So I will admit defeat for the moment.  Acknowledge what I can change and control (Airedale and slugs) and things I can’t (the weather) and start planning a new.

We have decided to fence off the veg garden.  It was something we were going to do before we got the dog but it never happened and with him constantly plowing thru the patch chasing birds and cats becoming more of a problem it is time we actually did this.  Plans have been made for a simple fence which we can grow some roses and clematis on (girl has to make it pretty) with some gates.  Thankfully Dog is not a fence jumper so hopefully it will be enough to deter him.

Once the fence is up I will feel more confident about putting treatments out for slugs.  I will use pet friendly ones but I still didn’t like putting such stuff out where he could find it. This is one very curious Airedale and so far has been that dog that does when every other dog doesn’t.  I also plan on just pulling anything that is damaged out and then just covering the beds with mushroom compost.  I don’t think I will plant anything new until the spring.

So momentarily I will turn my back in my garden and just let it be.  Let it rest for the winter.  Let the worms find the compost and work some magic on the soil so that when I return in the spring it will be with a heart filled with joy.  In the meantime there are still treats to find in the garden.  Some spinach, kale and Caveo Nero.  Maybe the cabbages, cauliflowers and sprouts will come to something.  Maybe not.  Either way I will be ok with that.  Lessons have been learnt and I am becoming a more seasoned gardener as a result.


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