Excuse the background.  Parts of the house are still works in progress.  Our main focus of late has been paying it off and now that is done it is time to finish things and actually enjoy living in it.  We need to do some work on the windows and I think the reality is that we will need to actually replace them.  It is proving harder than planned to find second hand bits to replace the sills that are damaged due to age which is our planned idea.  The current day dream is a windows that open out fully so that the whole side can be open. I love this idea and imagine a huge lavender hedge below so you can sit in the coolness of the evening and just be.

Anyway this ramble is about a chair not a window.  The chair orginally was two brown wicker ones (one each side of the bookcase) which I found on trademe.  They fitted the conservatory look I was going for.  The only problem was as all problems seem to be was the Airedale (a lot of my problems seem to stem from him) who likes to sit in the chairs.  He gets a great view from the street and often curls up for a snooze.  Anyone who has an Airedale knows they like to sit on things, especially if they are human seats.  He is very Shelton about his spot on the couch).  This is all fine and dandy except he was noisy especially at night when he would move about and the chair would creak and groan under the pressure of the Airedale butt.  My solution was to put in a new chair and it was one my mum very kindly gave me.  I have been wanting to recover it for ages partly was because it was mustard yellow and partly was it would end up very faded due to the where it was sitting in the sun.

Soooo it was added to my very long list of plans once we had more pennies.  The list is long and the only reason the recovering happened now was a by chance visit to spotlight where I found this beautiful fabric.  It was perfect.  I am not normally a green kinda girl in the house but somehow given where our room is situated in the house,it seems have to become inspired by conservatory style greens and plants.  I like how the room has turned out and I have a few more things to do (velvet green ottoman anyone yeah I am going to go there).

My recovering style is pretty basic and involves a staple gun and needle and thread.  I staple the fabric to the base and then pin and sew it to the chair.  It does mean I can remove the fabric if I a) need to give I the chair back to mum or b) decide green is not for me and it has to go.  It took me a couple of hours to do and was an excellent rainy day project.  Airedale approves and his little fuzzy butt has taken residence.